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SexPal Terms of Use - Adult Dating Online

SexPal is a leading high quality adult dating website. As you can see, a lot of effort has been put into the website's design in order to make the dating online experience a fun and pleasant one for you. Please help us maintain SexPal at an upscale level of quality by following our Terms of Use.

Although SexPal is about sex and adult dating online, there is no need to be raunchy or degrading. People like being treated respectfully, even when you are looking for swingers to join you in a sex-filled weekend.

Offensive, insulting and inappropriate content will be removed by the website's staff. So if you are looking for love, romance or a one-night-stand, treat each other with the proper respect.

SexPal website contains adult only content. By accessing the site you are confirming that your age is 18 or older, and there are no viewers under the age of 18.

In addition, be aware of the copyright law and the restriction of using copyrighted materials that appear on this site. Specifically, you agree that all content appearing on this site is for your personal use only and that you will not retransmit this information, or use it in any way, other than for your own personal use.

The SexPal website is for people searching for long term relationships, marriages, or short-term sexual relationships, (flirts, one-night-stands, swinging partners, etc.)

This website allows you to meet partners for any type of relationship, including discreet dating and sexual fantasy fulfillment. The website members are men, women and couples looking for personal relationships - sexual and otherwise - of various types.

Men: Women are not to be engaged or solicited for prostitution. Our female members are looking for a relationship, casual sex, or maybe one-night-stands. Not all women will respond to your invitations.

Finding the right partner for dating online requires as much patience and perseverance as is needed off-site. Please respect the dignity of our female adult dating members. Abusive behavior or behavior that is out of line will not bring you good results. In fact, offensive, demeaning or inappropriate content will cause your membership to be terminated.

  • Terms of Acceptance
This document constitutes a legal agreement between the SexPal website (herein THE WEBSITE), and the member (herein YOU).

The following is the agreement between YOU and THE WEBSITE:

The wording in this agreement is in the masculine for convenience but it applies equally to females.

By using this website you agree to all the items listed below and you further agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

We advise all members, visitors and service users to read these terms and conditions carefully prior to using the website or becoming a member.

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without notice. Should you not agree to the terms at any time, your only option is to close your account.

  • Waiver of Responsibilities
SexPal is not responsible in any way for your health, safety or for any results that may occur by contacting, meeting, or entering into a relationship with any member.

SexPal is not responsible for the accuracy of any content including profile information, personal information, or professional services/products appearing on THE WEBSITE.

YOU agree that you are posting your personal information at your own discretion.

SexPal does not warranty that THE SITE will always be available when you want to use it. Nor are we responsible for any service interruptions which may occur during your use.

The SexPal website contains external links to other websites with no connection to SexPal, and we are not responsible for the content and advertising on these websites. SexPal website users entering other websites through these links do so at their own risk.

SexPal is not responsible in any way for any damage resulting from the improper use or abuse of its database by a third party.

  • Website Registration
You agree to provide correct, current, accurate and complete information about yourself as required on the registration form.

You also commit to keeping your information current so we can provide current and accurate information to our members as well as to ensure good and efficient service.

If the information you provided is not accurate, complete or current, SexPal reserves the right to immediately terminate your website subscription, and your right to use it.

SexPal reserves the right, if you have not complied with the instructions above, to sue you for any direct or indirect damage that your failure to comply causes to the website or any of the users.

Usage of this website and registration features are for your personal use only. The website usage is limited to only one personal card per user, except those users who create an advertising card.

You may not transfer the account or personal card, or your user information including user password, to any third party. You will be held fully responsible for any damages or consequences that result from your transfer or sharing of these details.

  • Commitment and Statement
SexPal reserves the right to change the terms of participation at any time without giving notice. You agree and are aware that SexPal may refund any money paid by you in its sole judgment only.

You are aware that some of the information you provide voluntarily is exposed to other members and that you give your expressed permission for this information to be shared. See our Privacy Policy which forms a part of this agreement by reference.

You hereby declare that after you have completed your personal card, you give your permission for any adult dating member, or staff member, to view that information.

You acknowledge and agree that only you will bear any responsibility and risk of damage incurred to you due to your usage of the website SexPal.

You acknowledge SexPal website may send you e-mail in accordance with the website's regulations.

SexPal is not responsible in any way or shape for e-mail sent to you by a third party.

SexPal may send you e-mail periodically about your account or when we have other information we think may be of value to you.

  • Refund Policy
You agree that canceling your subscription is subject to a 10 £ cancellation fee. The remaining subscription may be refunded to you at our discretion. Any refund made will be prorated to the unused portion of the current subscription period.

SexPal provides site and related service usage and/or subscription fees and duration of services as were provided to you upon purchasing a paid subscription.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to the site in case we believe you have breached this Agreement. In the sole discretion of SexPal in such cases, you will not be entitled to any refund of any unused subscription fees and thereby you agree to waive any claim to such refund of fees. You will be notified at the email address you provided in your application for membership.

The only refund SexPal may offer in its sole discretion on a case by case basis, is of all pre-paid fees that are relevant to the period after SexPal terminates your membership.

You agree that your service usage is subject to all laws and regulations in force in England. Any legal dispute concerning the purchase of a subscription of any kind, or complaint against the website, or e-mailing rights or any other purchase on this website will be filed in the appropriate courts of London, England.

  • Prohibited Actions
You may not plant or transfer illegal, obscene, threatening or libelous material. Nor may you engage in any degrading, abusive or obscene behavior. This includes posting nude photographs of you that are not marked private.

You further agree not to obtain, or attempt to obtain, unauthorized access to the service, other accounts on the system, or computers and communication systems connected to the website including communication networks, by cracking a password or by any other means.

You further agree not to interfere, in any way, with the enjoyment of the service by any other user.

You further agree not to enter e-mail information or other personal contact information anywhere except in the fields and forms provided explicitly for that purpose.

If you violate this rule, SexPal reserves the right to remove your card and sue you for damages which may result.

You agree not to disturb other SexPal website users by posting SPAM, or by using the contact and personal information members share with you for any solicitation for commercial purposes.

  • GDPR Info

  • Credit card statement
Your credit card statement will read topishare

  • Rights
You may not copy or reproduce the website SexPal or parts of it. All copyrights are reserved.

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